Flower of Sound

Immersive spaces

A physical space or installation where you can immerse yourself in immersive sound and light scapes based on IoT.

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Immersive technologies

Be the DJ of your own well-being with our immersive applications.

Immersive sound

Listen to our immersive sound and music produced to change or amplify your feeling of well-being.

Collateral Nature

"Nature is collateral when it undergoes a distortion, a deep force in its vital course and therefore destined to change. I imagined a project that could narrate the metamorphosis by choosing the butterfly, a symbol of fragility and elegance, an interpreter of this...

Breathe! ROBOT – OUT 5.07.21

I composed Breathe! Robot thinking about the human breath and how little importance we assign to this vital mechanical action full of life force. Not only in life but on a spiritual level it calls for an awareness to differentiate between what is purely human and what...

Breathe! Robot the meaning

Breathe! Robot is an invitation to stop for a moment and breathe deeply, to understand the difference between automaton and being aware. 

Collateral Nature Live at Connessioni – Milan 19.06.21

Collateral Nature is for the first time in 6 years live on stage! Open doors from 8 pm Link for free tickets: https://dice.fm/artist/collateral-nature-7d5p9

What is Flower of Sound?

We create virtual and physically appealing environments that enhance the effects of sound and light so it functions as a healing modality. We use our own experiences as musicians, producers and sound healers as well as evidence-based insights from neuroscience, technology and sound therapy to help you reach altered states of consciousness, giving you access to a deeper feeling of well-being. Our dream is to create digital medicine pills so you know exactly what to listen to when, and with what effect.