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Breathe! Robot the game

Enriched with immersive content, immersive sound and the tuning of most of the tracks in 432 hz like Verdi did, Morning Mars opens the dance with a fascinating approach to enjoy music. Morning Mars places Collateral Nature as one of the first Italian projects to interact organically with the new digital immersive experiences. the first single to be released is Breathe! Robot. Breathe! Robot comes with a game.

The Game Breathe! Robot brings an immersive experience of the single Breathe! Robot. Showing the impact of spatial audio and the possibilities this new way of listening has. In a fun and interactive way you can experience when you move through the game. The game is build in WebGL making it possible to play in a web browser (firefox, chrome ). 

You can find the game from Monday 21 June on

A preview you can find here, the final version is more  eclectic and restyled:

More on immersive sound as the most natural way to listen you can read here:


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