Collateral Nature’s debut album, from liquid jazz to immersive experiences.

After a long break the sound artist Claudio Vittori
returns to the music scene by presenting  Collateral Nature debut album Morning Mars.

The album has ten original tracks of which half are instrumental. The cutting edge album is enriched with immersive contents and produced in Stereo, binaural and Dolby Atmos.


Full album will be released in Autumn 2021

 Album preview 1.30 min


Written and produced by:
Claudio Vittori

Mariagrazia Sindoni,
Sarah Stride, Enza Cannone

Drum and percussions:
Andrea Varolo, Davide “Woody” Riva

Roberto Renoldi

Electric bass:
Massimo Scoca

(Mucchio Selvaggio)

…Collateral Nature is candidate to be one of the surprises of recent years.

(Deer Waves)

…Once again Milan confirms itself as a hotbed of innovative projects with great potential.

(Impatto Sonoro)

…A remarkable elegance for a sumptuous work, refined but affable, impeccable, elegant but never snobbish or opinionated.

(Tsinoshi bar)

…If we were you we would not miss this debut that tastes of a great adventure.

(Dance like Shaquille O’Neil)

..Collateral Nature  represents a reality ready to jump off the peninsula.

Collateral Nature “Breathe! Robot”:
a spatial audio web game

This game works on PC MAC only
supported web browsers: CHROME – FIREFOX – MICROSOFT EDGE

Are you interested to know more about the Collateral Nature project?

We are open to partnerships and collaborations that know how to interpret and enhance the potential of this project.

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