Flower of Sound applies sound and technology to establish wellbeing in the widest meaning of the word with the use of sound and frequencies. In other words we operate in the field of wellbeing technology. Flower of Sound is a music tech start up and identifies as a cross media project to create immersive experiences with a transformative effect.

We use in our original sound experiences insights from sound healing, neuroscience and technology to amplify the feeling of wellbeing, reduce stress levels and to reach more desired brain states and even altered states of consciousness.

Thanks to the immersive technologies we use, there are many possibilities to enhance the power of the sound especially in the wellbeing field. The whole auditory system is engaged and the effects are amplified when listening sound in this new way. We call this Active Listening.

What is Active listening?

Active listening has two components. It is a conscious way to perceive sound and is a new auditory perception.

The conscious part is to be fully in the present moment with the sounds that are there and be fully aware of what you are listening too. This has a direct effect on your brainwaves and trains your ears to become more relaxed or focused. Especially if certain soundhealing techniques are applied in the sounds/music.

The new auditory perception is to immerse yourself in sound. Thanks to technology and the transition from “normal” stereo to multidimensional audio also often called immersive or spatial sound. You perceive yourself in the sound. Simply put your brain thinks it is real. It is a different active way of listening and also it amplifies the effects of the sound.

Good to realise is that active listening is an “I” experience. It happens in your head. It is your individual experience and you hear the sounds inside your head not just outside your ears.

Why Active Listening?

  • More enjoyable / new experience
  • Amplyfying effects both the positive and negative
  • Possibility to train your ears to be more in tune to not let sounds bother you are let them relax you
  • Actively choosing your sound envirnment reduces your stress levels

How to Active Listen?

1. Use one of the following technical aids:

  • Headphones
  • Spatial audio system like Dolby Atmos
  • VR headset

2. Follow the next steps:

  1. Take time
  2. Breath calmly
  3. Become aware
  4. Accept all sounds
  5. Choose what to listen to or ignore

How does Flower of Sound offer active listening?

Catalogue produced in spatial audio
IOT, immersive installations both for events and permanent.
Application in VR called DJ Wellbeing

The Music Ally’s report reads: “There is something powerful to be explored at the intersection of virtual reality and health-tech. Flower of Sound is a good example of that, with an app currently in beta designed for VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Quests. Its tagline is “Be the DJ of your own well-being”. What that means is a meditation app using spatial audio, but with the listener playing a far more active role than simply sitting back and blissing out. Here, users will be able to interact with the individual sounds and move them around their virtual environment. Flower of Sound has already joined two schemes – the Jump European Music Market Accelerator and the Music Tech Europe Academy – to help as it prepares for launch.”

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